About Us

LKY COMPANY is a consulting firm registered in Japan. We support trade between Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Japan and Southeast Asia. 

LKY COMPANY assists Japanese businesses to expand their footprints overseas, especially in emerging and developing countries in the Southeast Asia region. Conversely, we also assist overseas SMEs interested to sell their products in Japan.

Our Team in Action

Japan's Food Expo, July 2022, Tokyo

Our CEO captured on camera at the opening.

Our Business Development Director at the fair.

Our Mission

To connect buyers and suppliers from small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Japan with their counterparts in Southeast Asia and help them expand their business.

Our Vision

To deliver best value to our clients and shareholders, and be the preferred agent among SMEs engaged in trade between Japan and Southeast Asia.

We help SMEs expand their business overseas

Most SMEs have limited resources, know-how, time and money. They are therefore reluctant to expand their business overseas.

Thanks to its reliable network and trading expertise in local markets in Japan and Southeast Asia, LKY Company can help SMEs capture new markets overseas.

For SMEs, this means connecting with buyers and suppliers overseas at a fraction of the cost compared to doing it on their own.

For consumers, this means access to the most recent,  interesting or innovative products from these smaller companies.

LKY Company connects suppliers, buyers and consumers for mutual benefit.

Eric Ng

Why Partner with Us?

We save you money, time and energy to find buyers or suppliers in new markets. Your success is our success.

Business Intelligence

Our team regularly attend food expos and events in Japan and Southeast Asia to keep abreast of the latest trends, and availability of new products and services.

Regional Network

You can leverage on our valuable network of partnerships in the region to promptly find potential buyers or suppliers for your products or services.

Best Representation

We act in your best interests to negotiate the best deal for you — whether you’re a buyer or supplier. We can even advise you on local tastes and preferences to boost sales.

Logistics Support

Our regional team have the expertise to help you navigate the local ecosystem with ease, from customs clearance and taxation to cross-border logistics.